Susan Boyle Set to Be in Glee

The new season of Glee is set to start on September 21 but this early creators of the show are already preparing for a Christmas-themed episode – and they are having Susan Boyle in it.

Boyle, who rose to fame last year via “Britain’s Got Talent” will play a high school lunch lady in the said episode. She is also reportedly waxing a Christmas album, so viewers might get a sneak peek of her song selection during her appearance in the Emmy-nominated (19 nominations to be exact) show, as well.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy also glee-fully announced that former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney had sent him a handwritten note and two CDs a couple of weeks ago… “so of course we are going to do something with him.”

Murphy also said, however, that in season 2 ‘We are scaling back a little bit (on music) and concentrating on the stories and doing just five or six songs per episode.”

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