Graphene, ‘Super Paper’ is Stronger Than Steel

What is two times harder, six times lighter, ten times stronger than steel and totally recyclable? Graphene, that’s what. These advantages produce a next-generation material that can greatly improve aviation, automotive and other heavy industries by decreasing fuel requirements, and therefore, pollution.

The University of Technology in Sydney, Australia revealed a new type of graphene nano paper. To make it, t he process involves milling and purifying raw graphite in a chemical bath. This step reshapes its molecular structure that makes it able to be pressed.

The resulting sheet has “excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical properties – including excellent hardness and flexibility,” the researcher said.

For years, car and plane makers have taken advantaged of modern aluminum processing technology to make their vehicles lighter. Incorporating graphene materials into these products would only result in much lighter machines.

There is much supply of this raw material in Australia and the researchers appreciate the increase in demand of graphite from the industry.

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