Super Bowl XLV Got No Cheerleaders For the First Time

You’re reading it right folks. This year’s Super Bowl got no cheerleaders. If you’re expecting these sexy girls this weekend, then you will just be disappointed. The two teams which are competing for this year’s Super Bowl got no cheer leading team. The Pittsburgh Steelers stopped having cheerleaders in 1970, and the Green Bay Packers got rid of their cheerleaders in 1988. Both teams just found out years ago that these girls don’t mean much to their fans.

For this season, the last game that NFL got cheerleaders during a major game was during the AFC wildcard match between the Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets. The Jets emerged victorious by they were not able to surpass the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Some watchers would want to see these sexy girls but neither of the two teams would want to hire stand-ins. Some fans are just okay with it because they don’t want further distractions.

According to Lindsay McCormick, host of The Fan on Comcast SportsNet, “I do think cheerleaders add to the atmosphere of the game, but this is the Super Bowl. How much more atmosphere do you need? You’ve already got the Black Eyed Peas and plenty of entertainment throughout the game.” She’s got a point actually. If people are just concerned of seeing a sexy figure in the game, Fergie is more that enough for all them.

Better start looking for that site having the Super Bowl 2011 live stream as early as this time to watch this much awaited game. The US government has been very strict these days and just had seized ten of the most popular sport event streaming sites but sports site owners just have several ways of showing it to their readers.

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