Summer Solstice this year will be on the 21st of June

Summer Solstice 2010: June 21 is the Date! – A lot of searches has been made to when is the exact date of the Summer Solstice 2010. It marks the first day of summer and it is the day after Father’s Day. To be exact, it would be today! Along with this is the Summer Solstice Parade wherein you can do anything as long as you like and enjoy what you’re doing. Cyclists wearing body paint with no clothes will the start the event and it would last for 2 days. Unofficial motto for the event is ‘Delibertus Quirkus’ which means the freedom to be peculiar –

It is the time when the axis of earth tilts towards or away from the sun which happens twice a year. One part of the earth will experience its shortest day while the other part experiences the opposite.

A lot of people take it as an important day and considers it as a lucky day.

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