Student Got Rejected from Harvard from Facebook Status Update

There have been recent rumors about a Facebook Status Update made by an anonymous high school student in the name of Jacob  that got himself banned from entering Harvard University despite passing the entrance exam.

Posted images of the said Facebook Status Update of the banned student contained the following:

“I just got my admittance letters into Yale, Duke, Northwestern, Penn, and Columbia.  Now Harvard is begging my a– to go to their school.  FULLY PAID SCHOLARSHIP. LOL. Hmmmm…. Ahahahaha naw kiss my a–.  F— Harvard! I don’t need no harvard or no scholarship HAHA! No really though, I’m going to harvard guys. Wooooooo! =D”

A fellow student named ‘Noah’ imeediately replied to his Facebook Status Update:

“Don’t say that about harvard lol. I heard some colleges check facebook profiles and they could reject you for saying that…It’s been on the news.  Some kid got admitted to Duke, but after he posted some pics of being drunk he got rejected.  Be Careful.”

Jacob apparently responded with a casual “Hahaha don’t worry bro.” Moments passed and the student got his rejection from Harvard University.

We are not sure whether the said story is just a hoax. We do hope that any student from Harvard University reading this entry may shed light to us about this story. On the other hand, the story is just a warning to most students to be careful of what they do post or express online, especially on Facebook. Facebook after all the revisions and upgrades to their social networking site, has constantly been bombarded by angry Facebook users with their lack of disclosure in terms of the default privacy settings they implement.

5 thoughts on “Student Got Rejected from Harvard from Facebook Status Update

  1. If you’re to stupid to realize that nearly anyone (anyone who can be bothered) can see facebook status updates, well you’re not smart enough for Harvard.

    1. No, they can’t. The only way someone can see your profile is if (a) you didn’t set your privacy settings properly, (b) they’re a Facebook friend of yours, (c) they use one of your friends’ accounts / are shown by one of your friends, or (d) they’re law enforcement personnel with a warrant or at least a good story. Sounds like that girl was just stupid, just like the guy in this fake story.

  2. So many thing wrong with this story. Starting with this supposed “entrance exam”, which fyi doesn’t exist, and ends with the “full ride”. Harvard gives no merit based scholarships, let me break that down for you. Good grades? Tennis prodigy? thats cool but harvard won’t give you money for it. They only offer financial aid that is a calculated system, not a “how-much-do-we-want-this-kid” system.

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