Steven Slater No Longer Employed with JetBlue

Despite the urging of thousands of online fans, JetBlue Airlines announced last Saturday that flight attendant Steven Slater is no longer employed with them. 

JetBlue Spokeswoman Jenny Dervin said yesterday that the 38-year old Slater, from Queens, is no longer employed by the airline but declined to release further details.

Slater gained folk-hero status last month when he jumped down a JetBlue plane that was taxiing at the Kennedy Airport by sliding down the emergency chute with beers in hand after a verbal altercation with a female passenger who allegedly hit Slater on the head with the overhead bin.

Slater had been suspended by the JetBlue airline after the incident. He was arrested at home on charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing charges. After spending a few days in jail because he refuses to post bail, Slater probably saw the light, so to speak and is now currently out on bail.

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