Steve Jobs Key Notes on Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference

Steve Jobs Key Notes on Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference – Apple has surprised a lot of people when it announced a press conference early this week. No one knows what would be the topic but a lot of speculations point to the new Apple iPhone 4 which have been getting bad feedbacks regarding its antenna affecting its signal.

Perhaps the most pressing issue about this Apple iPhone 4 signal problem is the way Apple will address this concern. Will there an iPhone 4 recall? Or probably just a software patch to fix this problem?

UPDATE: Steve Jobs is currently speaking at the Apple Press Conference and here are some of the highlights of his announcement:

– On July 30, iPhone 4 will be shipped into 17 more additional countries

– Apple will start to ship White iPhone 4 to consumers at the end of July.

– Apple is tracking problems with the proximity sensor of the iPhone 4 and the solution for this problem will be a software fix.

– Apple will send a free bumper case to iPhone 4 users to solve signal strength problems. However, in order to avail this, users must apply on Apple website starting late next week.

– For those who have already bought their iPhone 4s and are not satisfied with it, Apple will be giving away a 30-day money back guarantee that will go on through late September.

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