Star Wars: Force Unleashed II Released Today!

Finally! The most awaited Star Wars: Force Unleashed sequel is released today! A lot of gamers are so excited to have a copy of this newly released Star Wars game. It’s officially released today in North America, and 3 days after, it will be released in Europe. In just a few days after the first release, this game will be available worldwide!

You can secure a copy now in your favorite game reseller shops. Those who pre-ordered the game can also get their copy today! For those who wants to order the game on Amazon, click here. If you want to buy it on Gamestop, click here.

Force Unleased 2 is available in six different platforms. You can have a copy of FU2 for your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC (Microsoft Windows), Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and iOS.

This sequel features new skins for Force powers that appear in The Force Unleashed, new Force powers, dual light sabers for the player’s character, a new audio system, and an improved rendering system providing richer colors.

This game is a must-have specially to those who are a big fan of Playstation Move, as this game supports the Playstation Move Motion and Navigation controllers.

LucasArts will never disappoint us with this game. It’s only 720p, but it’s ok. It doesn’t look bad if your HDTV is not more than 70″. I’ve tried 720p games in my 60″ HDTV and it’s not that obvious if you compare it with videos at 1080p resolution.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 now!

One thought on “Star Wars: Force Unleashed II Released Today!

  1. This one looks truly more darker and personal. The graphics are beautiful, from all the videos of gameplay looks promising. Its truly going to be their best one and I’m looking forward to seeing the end because this looks so very very suspenseful. Also if Anyone is interested I have a theory whether Starkiller is a clone or not. I have played The Force Unleashed 1 Game and have read the book by Sean Williams. My email is I also have been a Star Wars fan since birth and I believe my theory is actually pretty decent.

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