Spain will Win 2010 World Cup: Paul the Octopus Predicted

World Cup 2010 would finally end this weekend. Among the 32 great teams who participated, Spain and Netherlands emerged to be the teams to face each other to fight for the championship title. As a brief history, Spain got past Germany 1-0 in the semis, while Netherlands topped Uruguay 3-2. As for the record, Netherlands has never lost any game yet in the entire World Cup Season while Spain also played great to reach the finals.

No one really knows who will win the match but there is this sea creature psychic named Paul the Oracle Octopus who has been predicting the results of all FIFA matches. It is kept at Sea Life in Oberhausen, Western Germany. It has predicted all the matches of Germany and so far, Paul was not able to make a mistake yet. To help Paul make his prediction the staff lowers two boxes of food into his tank, one with a Spanish flag and the other bearing that of their Dutch opponent.

The creature has not favored Germany at all times becuase it has predicted that Serbia would defeat them and as well as Spain. As of the this time, it has predicted that Spain will win against Netherlands.

Whoever wins the game would definitely not depend on Paul’s prediction. It should come from hard work, Team work as well as discipline.

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