Spain will Face Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup Finals

Finally, the final match is already here. Few hours from now, the world will welcome this season’s FIFA World Cup champion. It would be a match between the undefeated Netherlands who amazingly ousted several top seeded teams against Spain, an ancient team of soccer who hasn’t reach the finals since 1950

For the first time, Spain amazingly defeated Germany in the semi finals since 1950 1-0 via a headed goal from Carles Puyol and now advances to the much awaited final game.

Netherlands or the Holland team on the other hand had shown awesome matches by starting to secure a 100 percent record in their World Cup 2010 qualification campaign, winning all eight games and becoming the first European team to qualify for the World Cup.

The Dutch team is a tough team to defeat as they never lost a match until they reach the Finals. The match will take place at Soccer City on Sunday at 2:30 pm (EST) wherein majority of the world’s population will be watching.

For US residents, Live TV Broadcast can be seen at ABC, ESPN, and Univision. Spain vs Netherlands Live Stream can be best viewed in here.

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