South Park Episode 201: Season 14 Episode 6 Mohammed Controversy

Episode 201 of South Park was really a big hit. South Park Studios caught the attention of its fans around the world after broadcasting this episode. This is the 6th episode of the fourteenth season of South Park, also known as S14E06 if you’re looking for torrents.

One of the main subjects on this episode is the Islam Prophet Mohammed. South Park’s producers decided to not show the prophet’s face as well as his name all throughout the episode 201.

Sandy Winterfield already wrote about this in her post about Comedy Central Censored Mohammed.

Sandy said in her report that some viewers were disappointed about censoring Mohammed’s face on South Park Episode 201.

She also included a comment in a south park topic forum, “censoring Muhammad for the sake of a satirical poke at the hypocrisy that is freedom of speech, Matt and Trey missed an enormous opportunity to make statement that would have had more meaning and impact on the world then anything that have ever done or will ever do“.

If you want to know more about this episode and the viewers’ comments about South Park Season 14 Episode 6, read Sandy Winterfield’s article here.

24 thoughts on “South Park Episode 201: Season 14 Episode 6 Mohammed Controversy

  1. Well done to Matt and Trey for these two episodes. Although I’m not sure why the name was censored in episode 201.

    I disagree with Sandy Winterfield’s naive and somewhat simplistic viewpoint on this issue. Unfortunately like many here in the USA and our cousins across the pond, “making a statement” as would have been preferred by her ilk would have further antagonized social cohesion with communities and Moslems here in the west. And many of the 1st, 2nd and even 3rd generation Moslems would have been deliberately intimidated by a so-called symbolic act resulting in unrest seen in recent times.

    I don’t see Moslems calling the pope or Catholics pedophiles or Jews responsible for the murder of Jesus. Yet there is open hostility to Moslems from both communities as well as historical anti-Semitism in Christian Europe.

    It seems hypocritical that maybe they should address the brutality committed by the Israeli security forces against the now peaceful pro-Palestinian state movement in the west bank also supported by the peace-conscious Israelis.

    Personal communications with my Moslems colleagues have viewed these Southpark episodes in a positive and some-what witty play on recent events.

  2. yoo y u lot being racist 4
    u white foke r too much n u lot r trying to discriminated r prophet 4 far 2 lng
    an we r nt taking no more circumstancers from u lot
    u guys r js white basterds dts hw da racisim starts wn u lot start it off]
    an we finish it
    so if i ws u dnt put nothing racist on anywhere about r prohet or islam

  3. hey 8:43 guy learn to spell and grow some balls, we live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA not afghanistan, so while your here go to school ,eat some apple pie, and grow some balls. You’ll put up with my shit as long as I’ll put up with yours you intolerant pussy. We maybe a cocky bunch of dicks but that’s a good thing.

  4. Should South Park be censored? Absolutely not. I am reminded of Lenny Bruce, a man who paid a heavy price for freedom of speech a generation ago. Lenny had a point of view that had redeeming social value. We’re a lesser country because he is no longer with us.

    Having said that, I should also note that the writers of that show should have known that they were opening up a rat’s nest by producing this particular program. Have they ever heard the name “Salmon Rushdie”? It’s been over a quarter of a century since he published the “Satanic Verses” and he’s been in hiding ever since.

    Like the Christian extremist in this country, their counterparts in the Muslim world are nuts – possibly nuttier (if that’s even possible).

    What the hell is the matter with them? Have they really gained anything? Has any monumental point been made? By doing what they have done, they have put themselves and everyone who works at Comedy Central in potential danger. Was it really worth it?

    Tom Degan

    1. Lenny Bruce, truly, was not afraid.

      As for South Park, their humor (in my opinion) has always been open ended and free to roam. Sadly, as others have stated, Comedy Central has always been the ones to put up the road block on just what Matt and Trey can/will do.

      One things I’ve found, even in this episode as well, is to watch this show with little (or no) bias. To be indiscriminate and tolerant of all things while simply looking at another perspective produced by the outer ego of the duo (Matt & Trey).

      All things have two sides and it’s understandable what Comedy Central has done. But, there will always be the argument present as to who’s right and who’s wrong…
      peace be with ‘ya.

  5. Wow, “your dad,” did you learn to spell while texting on our American networks? Sounds like your enjoying your liberties of free speech to spew your own hate. Way to proliferate the stereotype, my friend.
    I’m disappointed that Comedy Central gave in to terrorist threats, because that’s all it was. This original article sucks for not having the facts straight. Keep it up, Matt and Trey, you’ve been pissing people off for 14 years, don’t stop now just because they can dish it but not take it….at least the Jews can take a joke…for the last 14 years!!

  6. Dude’s, Muhammed was allready seen on the episode super best friends so i don’t know why they censored it..

  7. That was pretty stupid of comedy central. Any other religion gets made fun of on a daily basis, infact islam probably gets made fun of the most outside of the media. They should censor the episode about Osama if they’re gonna do that.

    Comedy Central has lost their minds

  8. To my muslim brother-
    I understand your upset and trying to defend other muslims
    but please use spell check. As a muslim, I find it barbaric
    that although your defending us or whatever you make us sound

    uneducated and just plain stupid. I’m all for freedom of
    speech and yes alothough south park featured an episode with our prophet (pbuh)
    they didn slander him or anything. There was not intentinal hatred or insult
    displayed if anything they did it in way they wouldn’t offend most
    muslims. Before the whole newpaper crap happend. They did feature the prophet(pbuh)
    as a super friend, no one cared then so why now?
    And to those who are being stupid enough to say your tolerating us in you’re country
    Did you forget that the your country is multicultural and you need to stop
    Being ignorant youself? Anyways that’s my two cents and I’m assuming ill get negative feedback for my comment.

  9. this episode is meant to be wacthed for entertainment purpose not to offended people in any way at all because they did not use Muhammed The Prophet (pbuh) in the wrong way

  10. @Shane, well done, I really hope that you said ‘your’ on purpose… If in fact you did not, then…

    @SS, thankyou, that needed to be said, but you need to learn one thing while in this country: Spell check does not pick up words that do exist but do not mean what you think they mean.

    It is “you’re”, not “your”
    You’re means “you are”
    Your is used to imply you have ownership

    Normally I would let it slide, but the fact that you were criticizing spelling, I just had to point out the irony.

    Not negative feedback, just constructive critisism

  11. I am currently studying Buddhism and I thought it was hilarious when they showed Buddha doing coke and arguing about Jesus watching internet porn. I think that if you’re going to be religious you should atleast focus more on being a good person and accpeting of other people and you’re own spiritual life, not discriminating other people and holding grudges against other people’s way of life or beliefs. Not to say it is a horrible thing to do, but it is just ignorant. The people of south park seem to take alot of jabs at religion especially Jews and Christians. They obviousley have no real hatred or discrimination towards anyone at all. This is just good fun. It should be okay to say what you think about other religions, or make jokes about them, to me this is a sign of friendship. Just my 2 cents

  12. to sublime and WhatThsays and everyone else who thinks it was comedy central who censored the show, think again and watch more carefully, it was cleary created this way as censored and had not been tampered with by comedy central. Look how the censor bar is constantly hovering in that fashion, then look at when Tom Cruise gets censored after taking Muhammed`s goo, its the exact same way, most likely created by the animation team. south park would for sure censor their own show in this way just to be funny and have a point, it would cleary be their intention, the episode wouldnt fit together aswell without the censor, like when they censor Tom Cruise so as to point out it is not ok to make fun of him, and then uncensor him when they say there is really is no ability to not be made fun of. In this way they are saying that Muhammed can be made fun of, just most people dont.

  13. in 2001 the episode “super best friends” was aired, and showed muhammed on the screen and even talking to the kids.

    Now it’s all of a sudden “OMGZOR! THEY ARE GONNA BOMB US!!!”

    Fuck you Viacom and fuck you comedy central. Grow a pair and realize this is America where we are “supposed” to be free to do whatever the hell we want and damn anybody who wants to force it otherwise.


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