South Park Creators Matt and Trey Warned of Episode 201

South Park fanatics out there are raging as they cannot watch the South Park 201 episode. This particular episode is 6th of the fourteenth season of South Park.

In this South Park Episode 201, the known Muslim Muhammad was portrayed in a role and was part of a scene. However, since Muhammad was considered as a sacred prophet in the religion of Islam, producers decided to censor Muhammad’s face as well as his name all throughout the South Park Episode 201.

In a statement released by a radical Muslim website, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were warned saying: “We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo van Gogh for airing this show.”

Theo van Gogh was a Dutch filmmaker before who was killed by a Muslim extremist for his 2004 short documentary film “Submission” which talks about women, violence, and Islam.

Well, we all have our different views and I think we should respect that. Perhaps these South Park creators should delete anything that has in connection with Muslims and Islam in general before they can be a subject of Jihad.

46 thoughts on “South Park Creators Matt and Trey Warned of Episode 201

  1. Really, you actually think that when a crazed group of religious fundamentalists threatens murder over a simple issue of free speech that the creators of “blasphemous” media should remove said media?

  2. Be subject of jihad? Please. It’s Ignorant extremist like you that cause problems in the world. Religion of peace my ass.

  3. Censoring one type of thing because of fear is validating terrorism. The last time i checked the was freedom of expression, and freedom to think. The moment we say that one thing is untouchable we become extremely unethical. Saying that one sect is untouchable is only going to offend all other groups, why do they not censor Jesus? Why do they not Censor Buddha? Because they only care enough to censor when threats happen. If you say one thing is untouchable you better be prepared to do the same for all, because if not you sacrifice ethics.

  4. In some ways I’m very disappointed by people caving in to extremism. What we need to do is send a clear ultimatum to radical muslims: we will find you and we will kill you down to the last man! Radical religion is a cancer upon the human race and it must be expunged completely. We will never grow as a species until the cancer has been purged.

  5. obviously the writer of this article didn’t watch the episode and learn what it was all about. Why the fuck do we have to live our life “scared” that some extremist might attack me if i do something he doesn’t like? Might as well hand them our rights and freedoms on a plate while we’re living our life to their standards – something my arrogant, texan ass won’t do.

  6. Well I say that anyone who talks about the color green should be killed, so better take down any art/tv/film/websites that have green.

  7. I have to agree with the above comment. We do not owe it to every religious belief to quietly tolerate its tenants. Would you stop blogging if Muslims decided it was bad?

  8. Tyranny anywhere is a threat to liberty everywhere.

    As a side note, Trey and Matt released a statement that Kyle’s “I learned something today” speech was bleeped as well, with NO REFERENCES TO MUHAMMED – it was about intimidation and fear.

    Perhaps the powers that be don’t want the people to realize that intimidation and fear is what this government runs on.

  9. Why are Muslims above everyone else? The arrogance is astounding. I actually have more respect for the lunatics in scientology than I do for Islam. Still living in the stone age with this nonsense. It’s about time the moderates told the extremists to shut up or strongly condemned them publicly. It must suck to be a moderate Muslim. The embarrassment must be unreal. The right to offend is more important the than the right not to be offended. Get used to it.

  10. Apparently Tracey, you don’t get it. This is one of the major standpoints of human rights. Freedom of Speech.
    If you honestly believe that the best way to deal with bullies – especially hypocrites – is to give in to their outlandish demands and THREATS then you really need to pull your head out of your ***.

  11. I have an issue with your last statement.

    “Perhaps these South Park creators should delete anything that has in connection with Muslims and Islam in general before they can be a subject of Jihad.”

    First of all, there is no chance that the dinky little group that posted the threat (which works out of New York by the way) is capable of starting a “Jihad.” That is blowing things way out of proportion. Death threats are not an uncommon in this country and for the creators of South Park to just roll over because they have offended someone is unheard of.

    The whole point of this episode, and even the entire series in my opinion, was to express the freedom of speech and not take it away or regret it when you piss someone off. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Comedy Central did.

    And if you are willing to bend for Muslims simply because of a small radical group, then what is stopping the Christians, or Jews, or anyone who has been offended, from forming a radical group to threaten the lives of others to get material they don’t like banned?

    In my opinion, the best thing to do for both the network and South Park is to move on from this issue. However, I think censoring South Park now or in the future is the wrong thing to do.

  12. Tracy, author of this article, you could not be more contradictory on this. The idea that people should be silent in the face of intimidation is exactly why they must not delete content related to Islam and Jihad. People who don’t wish to see the depiction of Muhammad should not watch the episode. And you should crawl under a rock, or stick your head in the ground like an ostrich so you can feel safe.

  13. I agree with you Mike, what kind of stupid douche would write “Well, we all have our different views and I think we should respect that. Perhaps these South Park creators should delete anything that has in connection with Muslims and Islam in general before they can be a subject of Jihad.” If it offends you don’t watch it.

    Maybe companies should start threatening to murder the media when a negative article is published about them. I’m sure that would go over well…

  14. People, I got your point in Freedom of Speech. Yeah, you’re right that the media should not give in to them. However, it sucks that in reality, Muslims are branded as “terrorists”. If I were one of the creators of South Park, I wouldn’t risk my life. Perhaps you could joke a particular Muslim person in general but not their religion Islam as I believe they act as one when it comes to their religion. Anyway, I would be happy to see a comment from a Muslim here.

  15. Muslim here. Please note that most news articles about this topic call them muslim EXTREMISTS for a reason. The reason being they are so different from what normal Muslims think that they need to be branded seperately.

    I think Matt Stone and Trey Parker actually got it right in their 200 episode about Muslims only disliking the image of Muhammad (pbuh) being shown, simply because no one really knows what he looked like, and to picture him wrongly would be close to blaphesmy. I mean, we all know Jesus wasn’t really white with long, flowing brown/blonde hair, but that is the image of him since so many artists portrayed him that way. Muslim don’t want Muhammad (pbuh) to be portrayed falsely.

    That’s the only thing going into it, so extremists murdering and providing death threats over such a silly matter is just plain stupid. Also, shame on comedy central! Wtf is wrong with saying Muhammad (pbuh)’s name? There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying his name. People should research a bit more before talking; Trey Parker and Matt Stone research like heck, and although they make fun of many topics, they usually get all their facts right.

  16. What are you all even arguing about? Trey and Parker already self-censored the Mohammed references before they even sent it to Comedy Central. It was all the OTHER bleeps CS put in before broadcast that made the big deal over this episode!

    “As a side note, Trey and Matt released a statement that Kyle’s “I learned something today” speech was bleeped as well, with NO REFERENCES TO MUHAMMED – it was about intimidation and fear.

    Yeah, THIS is what we should be pissed about! Why are we even debating whether or not Comedy Central should censor Mohammed references when that was what they had ALREADY AGREED ON?

    Are people really not capable of this kind of basic prioritization? What is going on? Is this the twilight zone? Does anyone have a brain? Or maybe everyone but me? Am I insane? That must be it. Occam’s Razor. Must be something wrong with caring more about surprise censorship than pre-agreed censorship. I should check myself in.

  17. Imagine if a group of scientologists threatened to kill Trey parker and Mat stone because they insulted Tom cruise by showing him talking and walking uncensored! Now replace scientology with muslims and tom cruise with muhammed and we got the current situation.

  18. It is really sad. Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Comedy Central were the frontline of Free Speech in America. In 2005 when the Danish Mohammed Cartoons were published, most major US Newspapers lacked the courage to publish these cartoons in the US. The only major US media to depict the image of Mohammed was the “Super Best Freinds” episode of South Park in 2001. Since then America has time and again caved to terrorists’ idle threats. I was so confident that the South Park producers would stand brave in the face of this terrorist generated censorship… and I am still unsure how much of the episode was self-censored by Trey and Matt and how much was censored by Comedy Central. But the fact is, the episode had the crap censored out of it. I condsidered South Park our most effective weapon against censorship and free speech, and it has been defeated. Watch and we will only see censorship and freedom of speech get more and more regulated from this point on. People do not think it is that big an issue… but it is huge! Alby had it right… “home of the brave”, not so much anymore.

  19. You know, i thought the bleeps (including Muhammad’s name and the final speeches in the 201st episode) were a part of the anti-censorship message Trey and Matt were trying to give through the “in your face, smart ass” style of comedy that we all love the show for. i NOW understand it was censored and not what they envisioned, but honestly, i think the episode still gave a powerful message with the over usage of bleeps. (it was funny too) If you look past the fact comedy central censored it, and take the show how it was aired, the trivial bleeps are ironic comedy, especially combined with (for example) the super best friends actions in both episodes. (namely Buddha doing a little booger sugar) I believed the final censored speeches were showing through example how wrong censorship is. i imagined Kyle and Jesus remarking on that fact with the irony that they were being bleeped during their anticensorship message, and personally thought it was hilarious. John Stewart called it perfectly, 1) the group in NEW YORK CITY is enjoying and using the same freedom that they are threatening Mat and Treys for. thats evil irony. and 2) to that group, and to those who think like them, go fuck yourselves. to comedy central, grow a pair. the episodes did exactly what they were supposed to do. they showed that the world needs to lighten up…and judging from everyone’s reactions..they were right.

  20. “Perhaps these South Park creators should delete anything that has in connection with Muslims and Islam in general before they can be a subject of Jihad.”

    I hate you. This line proves to me that you are a coward who does not care at all about free speech. Free speech is a right worth dieing for and if some intolerant Muslims want to kill us for it, bring it on! We should defend free speech!

  21. Sources also say this was a new york based website. I fuckin hate how people come to this country and try to change it to be more like their own country which they fled from in the first place.

  22. Disgusting. I’m sure Matt and Trey know the risks, why the hell would you tolerate violence and tyranny. It’s people like you that let Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini rule, mindless afraid stupid people.

    I’m not exaggerating, and I realize people say things they don’t really mean on the internet. You just made a post that supports the efforts of Muslim extremists (or you are one), I know you don’t goddamned think before you talk on the internet. I mean this, I would say it to your face. I would come up to you and say “It’s because of people like you Hitler ruled”. I would say you disgusted me.

    If you don’t have the guts to stand up to violence, that’s one thing, and that’s a bad thing, but something I would understand. But actively encouraging people to give into violence? What the hell is wrong with you?

    I can’t believe this crap.

  23. It continues to inflame my disgust for Islam when these radical fanatics, using their religion as an excuse will resort to threatening death. I hope Matt and Trey bravely stand up for free speech like they have in the past, and put those jerks in their place. Don’t think we can’t protect them.

  24. WOW! way to bitch out

    “Well, we all have our different views and I think we should respect that. Perhaps these South Park creators should delete anything that has in connection with Muslims and Islam in general before they can be a subject of Jihad.”

    Fuck you. Good job bitching out in the face of terrorism

  25. Ok censor mohaammed. Fine . im offended by the the depiction of jesus. Censor him. My wife is angry about lao tzu censot him my uncle is a mormon censor josepj smith. What about krishna?moses?

  26. People are always going to be angry if you say something extreme, and I really don’t care if Muslims are offended by anything we do. Screw them. I just wanted to know who Cartmans father was, and now I may never know.

  27. Trey and Matt, yall are the shit. These extremist dont who they are fucking with, dont roll the dice against America bitches. We will destroy you!! Trey, Matt, this southern boys got your back, and i guarantee any damn extremists who think they will stop me from my using my freedom of speech can suck my balls, fuck Islam, fuck muhammad if he supports this shit, and fuck all yall who who wont say what your thinkin. Jiad on them? I got an ass whippin on order for anyone who does not use the rights our boys are dying for, good night.

  28. It is because of people who decide that they want to take the easy rout and hide their beliefs out of fear that terrorism is free to happen…. The terrorists will win if this is not shown

  29. It isn’t against the Christian religion to show Muhammad. It is only against the Muslim faith. That’s like a Muslim telling a Christian how a church ceremony should be run.

  30. My own sense is that if Muhammad wwere alive today and knowing the history of his life and the challenges he faced, that he would care less what this episode was trying to depict. These men – Buddha, Jesus , Muhammad -Peace Be unto Them, were objects of ridicule when they were alive — did it cause them to give up their mission — not at all — and I really do not know of any situation where Muhhmmad who was ridiculed again and again threatened anyone with death — never happened

    As Americans, let us live up to our ideals – one really needs to look at things objectively, and we all know that radicals do not regardless of their ideological affiliation. Let use be kind to the majority of muslims who would not care less what these episodes are about. People must have the freedom to do what they want to within the law and hopefully with some exercise of discretion.

    It is very ironic these so-called radical followers of Muhammad would not have a chance with him — they would have been a threat to what he represented — peace,love, respect and tolerance — at the highest level.

  31. Bottom line they do kill people who don’t agree with them and then threatin them and say its just a warning well matt and tray you guys are doin gods work keep up the good work and to those that don’t agree bring it we can get violent to and when we kill you it’ll be is self defense now what ….oh and that’s not a theat its just a warning

  32. i agree with everything here. why should the muslims get to whine and kvetch so that their religious figure gets beeped out? I am Jewish and I dont mind at all when they make fun us jews, its great comic relief. And i am sure that most radical jews would may not like it, but they definitely have their wits about them to not try to kill anyone… These muslims gotta learn that not everything is about them.

  33. I complete agree with everyone’s objections to censoring this episode but then again I’m not an employee of South Park Studios or Comedy Central. It’s easy to be righteous and brave when it’s not your butt on the line. Also, think about the potential lawsuits if by the (very) unlikely chance something does happen.

    Meanwhile, find the owner of this extremest website and deport his ass on his thinly-veiled terrorist rhetoric. We should be able to draw some sort of line between free speech and hate speech.

  34. so, let me get this straight. they f**k up their own part of the world by raging religious wars, we let them in, share our HARD EARNED FREEDOM, and OPEN MINDEDNESS with them, and they are now trying to tell us what to do under duress of terrorist threats…really???

    find yourselves elsewhere. please. just go.

    if you do not like what is on the tv, change the station, or turn it off.

    pick up your beloved quran, and let the world be as it will on its own.

    “intelligence shall rise from the dignity of silent grace” mm

  35. What we should do is turn there sandy home into glass and let there god sort em out. They can be happy with all there virgins. I wanted to put somthing constructive down but when your listening to a person soooo ignorant and sooooo retarded, whats the point?

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