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Sony Playstation 3 320GB and PS3 Slim White Version to be released world wide

August 23, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

One way of keeping up with its rivals, Sony just announced that they would be releasing a whole new PlayStation 3 this fall with a higher hard drive capacity.

From the old version having 120 GB, the new bundle will have 160GB and 320 GB. Good thing is that, the price would still be the same. $299.99 for the 160 GB while the one with 320 GB of memory would be on $399.99.

The second bundle having the 320GB hard drive will be included in the PS3 Sports Champions Move bundle. This bundle will include the PlayStation Move controller, one Move game, the PlayStation Eye camera and a bonus blu-ray demo disc.

PS3 Sports Champions Move bundle would be available by September 19 as part of the Move launch. In Europe, the 320 GB version featuring Move would go on sale September 15 for 349 euros.

According to our inside sources from Sony, the white version of Sony PS3 Slim that was released in Japan last July 2010, will be release world wide by early September 2010.

Sony needs to come up with this one in order not to be left behind with rivals Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Furthermore, another rival Microsoft also announced that it would start selling its Kinect motion-controlling game system in Europe from November 10.

In the gaming industry, competition is really that tough, quality, capacity and price are mostly considered by the gamers. They need to satisfy all these things in order to get the sales that all wanted.

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