Skin Gel Contraceptive: A Better Alternative to the Pill

contaceptive pillsGood news to women using birth control pills but are unhappy with its known side effects of illness, weight gain or a subdued sexual drive. A new topical contraceptive gel that acts similarly as the pill when rubbed daily on the shoulders, arms, legs or abdomen may prove to be their best option.

Just like the contraceptive patch, the topical gel also releases hormones through the skin, but without the disadvantage of the patch falling off or being visible. The lotion releases the progesterone and estrogen hormones in the same way as the traditional pill to prevent the ovaries from producing an egg every month. In a test participated by 18 women who used it for 7 months, on the premise that they were sexually active, none became pregnant or suffered any related side effects. This skin gel was also developed to be safe for breastfeeding mothers, an improvement from the pill that can cause hormone levels to interfere with milk supply.

However, concerns as to absorption of its proper dosage still remain and questions on its hormonal effects to males in case of accidental application have to be addressed. Although this innovation is very much welcome, further studies need to be presented before this product can enjoy wide acceptance.

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