Tampa Sinkhole Swallows a Camry

A very large sinkhole swallowed a car at Tampa’s Bordeaux Village condominiums near USF. It is about 20 feet wide and at least twenty feet deep.

Fortunately, no one was injured, but eleven families have already been evacuated and The Red Cross is helping them by putting them up temporarily in hotel rooms.

A resident said he hear a loud slamming sound before the lights went out. “I peeped through my window and I saw that my neighbor’s car was gone and I thought they’re working at night,” said Edwin Williams, who lives in Bordeaux Village.

When emergency crews arrived they found a growing sinkhole. Code enforcement officers inspected the sinkhole and said the trunk and back window of the Toyota Camry were clearly visible.

Sinkhole expert Randal Raney is concerned that 12 units of the condominium complex could be at risk. Robin Coton, a Hillsborough County code enforcement officer echoes this concern, saying, “With rain coming, it could cause soil to fall into the hole, make the hole larger or also the hole could grow deeper too.”

An attorney said most condominiums are covered against sinkholes, just the same officials have opted to continue testing the building for stress fractures.

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