Simha Movie: Reviews and Rating

The said to be high budget Telugu Film, Simha movie is set to be released today. It directed by Boyapati Srinu. Nandamuri Balakrishna (Balayya) plays the lead role, with Nayantara, Namitha and Sneha Ullal playing the heroines. The movie is with action backdrop and intense family drama. In here, Balayya would play a strong and fearless character. According to Director Boyapati Srinu, “we will be showing him in a new dimension in this film and his character will be different from all other characters he has played so far. Balayya’s role in this movie will be extremely powerful.”

Its rating reached 4.5-5 for those who were able to watch it. Accordingly, the movie has all the elements a good commercial film. The dance portion of the movie has color to the entire film wherein Balayya had proved himself to be a dancer.

Here is the trailer of the the above mentioned film.

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