Signature Products Launched by Mariah Carey

Having your own signature products is really not unusual among famous celebrities. What does matter is how well do these products sell in the market. If you’ve got millions of fans who are very willing to buy these stuffs then you’re lucky. The most common product that they have are perfumes and among them are Britney Spears, J.Lo and Mariah Carey. Well, Mariah didn’t settle for perfumes as she launched some other stuffs too like footwear and jewelry.

This has been the rumored baby that Mariah is about to have. Her all new signatures product is her new baby that everyone has been longing to know. She has just announced the launch of a new lifestyle collection for shopping network HSN. the products will have its debut on the 29th of November. It will feature jewelry that are amounting from $40 to $200. This would include pieces that incorporate her signature butterfly motif.

The footwear on the other hand will have prices starting $70 and top out at $170. There would also be a limited edition of her Lucscious Pink fragrance. Fans would love to see her endorsing these personally in the shopping network.

Another singer would also be launching her perfume line next year and she is no other than Lady Gaga. She has millions fans whom she called little monsters and as early as this time they are already giving names to the up coming product.

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