Shooting Spree At Hartford Distributors in Manchester CT

A warehouse driver who claimed racial harassment at the workplace reportedly shot and killed nine people. The shooter identified as Omar Thornton was an employee of Harford Distributors, a beverage distribution company in Manchester, Connecticut. The shooting incident followed a disciplinary meeting between Thornton and management. Police reported that Thornton shot himself after the shootings.

The disciplinary meeting was supposed to discuss accusations of theft on Thornton. He was given a choice between resigning and being terminated after a year of employment. Police reports stated that as Thornton was being escorted out of the office, he started shooting causing employees to panic and run in different directions.

Eight people were reported dead from the shooting within the distribution facility while another fatality may have been shot outside the company premises. Additionally, there were two wounded victims brought to the hospital. The total headcount of all victims is still to be officially released.

The company owners, the Hollander family, have yet to be reached for comment on the incident.

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