Shark Week 2010 Schedule of Discovery Channel Starts August

Shark Week 2010 Schedule of Discovery Channel Starts August – Have you watched Jaws? Yes, the famous movie about sharks! Sharks are one of the most feared creatures in the sea which led scientists to study their behavior to avoid their attacks to people.

Discovery Channel presents its Shark Week 2010 schedule in a 4-day 6 episodes for all shark fanatics out there. It will start on August 1 at 9PM with its pilot episode of “Ultimate Air Jaws” featuring massive great white sharks exploding from the water in a sneak attack on their seal prey. This will then be followed by”Into the Shark Bite” at 10PM same day where sharks’ bites will be featured up close. Shark experts will go underwater to capture and show you what a shark bite looks like.

The next day, August 2, “Shark Attack Survival Guide” will be featured where host Terry Schappert will demonstrate to the viewers how to survive shark attacks. What should you do when you are being attacked by sharks? This and more will be featured at 9PM. Following after that is “Day of the Shark 3” at 10PM where survivors tell their story on their shark attacks.

The two last episodes of the Shark Week will be “Shark Bite Beach” on August 3 at 9PM and “Shark Bites: Adventures in Shark Week” on August 4 at 10PM. More of this Shark Week 2010 Schedule can be found from Discovery Channel here.

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