Shaquille O’Neal Has No NBA Team Yet

Aging NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has not signed up with a team yet. The Atlanta Hawks would have been a prospective team but they have already signed center Josh Powell. At 38 years old, he may no longer be in a position to command a $21 million salary as he did with the Cleveland Cavaliers last season. As his prospects are dwindling, he may have to take on a much lower offer.

At this point, Shaq is no longer the dominating center like when he stepped into the NBA in 1993. What is left of him is his size but the skills, power and speed are all gone. He may do well as a backup center with the dearth in good backup centers in the league. He may still have some post up moves every now and then but he is no longer an intimidating presence on the floor, offensively and defensively.

In order for Shaq to stay in employment, he will have to accept a much lower salary and much less playing time than he was used to. The NBA is just about ready for a post-Shaq era… maybe sooner than later.

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