Seth Aaron is Project Runway Season 7 Winner

If you are into fashion and design, then perhaps Project Runway is not new to you. The latest season of Project Runway Season 7 has just announced its winner.

The reality TV show on Lifetime Television started with sixteen hopeful fashion designers competing with each other to create the best clothes for their models. Among the original sixteen contestants, the final three were Seth Aaron Henderson, Emilio Sosa of Dominican Republic and Mila Hermanovski of Dallas, Texas. With these three remaining fashion designers, you might be asking: “Who won Project Runway 2010?”

Apparently, it was Seth Aaron Henderson from San Diego California who was proclaimed as the Project Runway Season 7 winner. His clothes collection was a colorful and carefully tailored take on the German and Russian military cuts of the 1930s and ’40s. As the winner of the Project Runway Season 7, Seth Aaron took home $100,000 cash prize and his line will be featured in Marie Claire magazine’s July issue.

What do you think of Seth Aaron Henderson being the winner of the Project Runway Season 7? Did he deserve it? If not, who between Emilio and Mila should have won?

2 thoughts on “Seth Aaron is Project Runway Season 7 Winner

  1. Yes, he deserved it, hands down! They are all extremely talented and each ‘winning designers’ but Seth Aaron was most competitive in designing way more than what was needed for his collection and giving us the most creative looks too!

  2. Seth Aaron definitely deserved to win. And Emilio’s final piece was the best piece seen during the entire season, and one of the best pieces seen over the years of PR.

    Throughout the season, Seth Aaron and Emilio were the top-tier designers, and Mila was the lone 2nd tier designer. And then there was everyone else. All that said, Mila did a great job with her final collection and certainly deserved to be there.

    I usually hate the judges’ “pre-voting” banter, but I appreciated their philosophical discussion regarding the different judging philosophies. Their philosophy definitely made a difference in terms of winner selection.

    Ultimately, I think Tim Gunn’s interaction with the designers, along with the designers’ creativity under pressure is what makes the show. TG comes across as an impartial teacher and advisor. May there be many more Tim Gunns in the world.

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