Selena Gomez Follows John Corbett’s Advice

When you are trying to establish a career in Hollywood, or probably ensure your longevity for years to come, make sure to take the advice of those a lot older than you, be it age-wise or career-wise.

This is exactly what Selena Gomez did after John Corbett advised her to change her autograph from a simple “S with a heart at the end” to a completely written out signature.

It will be remembered that the two play father and daughter in the movie, “Ramona and Beezuz” and might have had a lot of bonding time on the set for Corbett to notice how Selena signs autographs.

In defense of her autograph style, Selena said she likes writing notes to adoring fans and sometimes the note gets rather long so she ends it with a simple “S with a heart at the end”.

Well, as they say Hollywood old-timers know best, so Selena now spells out her name when she signs autographs for fans.

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