Byebye To Henna Tattoos, Hello To Real Gold Tattoos

United Arab Emirates calls no end for gold. With all these golden souks, gold-dusted cappuccinos and golden ATM machine that dispenses gold, another craze is set before the world, the golden tattoo. For those who are fashion-conscious and money-no-worrier in Dubai, this latest body adornment is made from real gold. Precious Skin, a new business […]

Michelle Bombshell McGee Pictures: The Sexy Hot Tattoo Model

There are rumors spreading that the tattoo model Michelle Bombshell McGee had an affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband.  It’s very hard to have an affair these days without being caught or without having the other party squeal off some information about you especially if they can use it or something.  It’s just like what happened […]

Justin Bieber Tattoo Photos and Pictures latest update

JBiebs has an enie meenie miney mo tattoo on his hip! The child pop star was spotted playing on Whale Beach in Sydney, Australia with what appeared to be a tiny tattoo on his left hip. Just what does this bird mean? Is it to represent his complete dominance over all things Twitter? Others are […]

Yoga Lessons For Co-Inmates Brought In By Wesley Snipes

Getting inside a prison cell would the worst thing that could ever happen to a person. The first thing that would come into your mind would the horrible inmates, tattoos, slavery from the senior inmates and a lot more. It is place wherein people who committed grave crime are paying their bad deeds. A person […]

David Arquette: Courteney Grew Tired of My Kooky Ways

David Arquette and Courteney Cox’s announcement that they were separating must have caught a lot of people by surprise that they are still reeling and trying to find out the answer as to why the two separated. Well, here’s why, according to David Arquette himself: Courteney grew tired of his kooky ways.  A day after […]

Victoria Beckham on David’s Voice: “I Don’t Really Notice”

It seems Victoria Beckham’s idea of perfection is best personified by husband David himself. When asked about her husband’s high-pitched voice. She then leaped to his defense saying, “I don’t really notice. I just think he’s so G—— perfect that people have to find something wrong with him.” She disclosed that his “perfection” dawned on […]

Leaked Bombshell Michelle Mcgee Stripping Video Boobie Pop

The spotlight is still on for the Bombshell Michelle Mcgee as her Stripping video has just been released by TMZ. In the video, she is seen as dancing around in a bikini at first and playing around and swirling around the steel pole. Looks sexy and she looks graceful… But her tattoos are still very […]

Meet Sandra Bullock’s New Baby

Sandra Bullock sure had her up and downs this year. From winning an Oscar to enduring the break up of her marriage. SANDRA Bullock has revealed that she adopted a three-month-old baby boy with her estranged husband Jesse James. In an interview with People magazine, the Oscar-winner confirmed that she would now be a single […]

Alarming Michelle McGee Nazi Pose Create a Whole New Buzz

TMZ got some photos of the Bombshell Tattoo Model and Mistress of Jesse James, Michelle McGee.  This time, this photo shoot has a Nazi theme.  Michelle McGee here is found to have posed with a knife on her mouth, and holding a very large gun.  In this photo set, you could somehow see all of […]

Michelle Bombshell McGee Pictures: Latest and Updated Photos

Michelle Bombshell McGee Pictures. Here are the Latest and Updated Photos of the hot and ugly Michelle McGee. I really can’t believe that Jesse James fell for her and she was the reason of the recent rumor about Jesse James and Sandra Bullock split up. If Michelle McGee, also known as the Bombshell is the […]