New England Patriots Trade Randy Moss, Returns To Minnesota Vikings

The trade talks are now finally over. It is confirmed that wide receiver Randy Moss has been dealt by the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday. This recent trade is a homecoming of sort since Moss was initially picked by the Vikings in the first round of the 1998 NFL Draft. Terms […]

Broncos Acquire Laurence Maroney from Patriots

The New England Patriots could no longer wait for running back Laurence Maroney to live up to expectations. After being drafted 21st overall in the 2006 NFL Draft out of Minnesota, he was supposed to be the Patriots’ No.1 running back.   In 2008, Maroney played only three games when he suffered a shoulder injury. A […]

New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live Coverage on NBC

In what could be a preview of the AFC championships, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots are now battling it out on the field for ultimate NFL football supremacy. The Patriots had limited the Steelers to just 12 yards early in the first quarter while they have already made 131 yards in total. […]

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots NFL Live Scores and Updates

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots NFL Live Scores and Updates- The games are about to begin and the New England Patriots is looking forward to add another win into their tab. If the Patriots win, this will be their 14th win over the Buffalo Bills. The statistics show and even Yahoo! and ESPN NFL […]

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots NFL Scores and Highlights

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots NFL Scores and Highlights – The New England Patriots was the experts pick for this game but surprisingly the New York Jets pulled out a win and left a trail of smoke for the Patriots. The Jets win their first victory at New Meadowlands Stadium and perhaps a good […]

2010 NFL Draft Results: Ron Gronkowski Joins Patriots

The Round 2 of the 2010 NFL Draft results were out. Among the various NFL trade in various teams, Patriots selected Rob Gronkowski with the 42nd pick overall after trading with the Raiders. An emotional Ron Gronkowski broke into tears after he heard the good news that he will be joining Patriots. He then put the […]

Boston Marathon 2010 in Patriots Day: Course Map and Qualifying Times

Here comes again the annual Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest marathon dating back in 1897. This year 2010 is the 114th Boston Marathon which showcases over 25,000 runners. Boston Marathon or more commonly known as the “Marathon Monday” is being held on Patriots Day, a civic holiday to commemorate the anniversary of the Battles of […]

NFL Week 3 Picks and Odds: NFL Predictions from ESPN

NFL Week 3 Picks and Odds: NFL Predictions from ESPN – Week 3 of the National Football League (NFL) will begin today, September 26, Sunday. Yahoo! Sports have already given their predictions for Week 3 of the NFL and now let us take a look at the NFL Week 3 Picks and Odds from ESPN. […]

NFL Week 10 Scores and Results

NFL Week 10 is almost over and the results are now final except for the final game later today. Monday Night Football will feature Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins at 8:30pm Eastern on ESPN. This week the Buffalo Bills finally made their first ever win and it came at the expense of the Detroit Lions. […]