Leaked Bombshell Michelle Mcgee Stripping Video Boobie Pop

The spotlight is still on for the Bombshell Michelle Mcgee as her Stripping video has just been released by TMZ. In the video, she is seen as dancing around in a bikini at first and playing around and swirling around the steel pole. Looks sexy and she looks graceful… But her tattoos are still very […]

Jesse James Mistriss: Why Mistriss instead of Mistress?

What the hell! Why people are searching for the Mistriss of Jesse James. Is this a proper name? Or just a wrongly spelled word? I think it’s just a wrongly spelled word. It should be Mistress not Mistriss, okey? As far as I know, there’s only one mistress linked to Jesse James, and that’s Michelle […]

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Marriage Trouble: Michelle Mcgee’s Claims

Just recently, we all celebrated Sandra Bullocks success in the Oscars for her spectacular acting skills in the movie The Blindside . She gained popularity in her humorous yet substantial acceptance speech. The bubbly actress is now facing another issue but this time it is more on the negative side. There are beliefs to some […]

Michelle McGee’s Latest Close-Up Photos and Pictures

More and more, and more people are so interested to see the face of Michelle McGee. It has been almost 3 days since Michelle McGee grabbed the headlines of various news sites in the world wide web. This mentally-ill and ugly old girl deceived a lot because she looks hot to many, even if she’s […]

Latest Update on Marriage Trouble News: Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split

The rumors started to rise out of the air after the Oscars.  Sandra Bullock won the glamorous night as Best Actress and made a very hearty speech including giving her husband Jesse James a lovely shoutout.  Apparently, the rumors go that Jesse James was cheating with Sandra at that time and he told Michelle Bombshell […]