Latest Updates on Tiger Woods Divorce

The Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren divorce issue has been there long time ago since the news about the illicit affairs of Tiger Woods with several women broke into the news. However, there was no confirmation of the said divorce since then until recently when a report from showbiz authority Entertainment Online said that the […]

Masters 2010 Updated Leaderboard: Phil Mickelson Won Masters Golf Championship 2010

The Masters Golf Tournament Championship final game has arrived. Unfortunately, this year was not for Tiger Woods’s side since it was Phil Mickelson who brought the bacon home as he won the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament Championship game. Phil Mickelson was able to beat Lee Westwood by three strokes for his third by finishing a […]

Masters Golf Tournament 2010 Scoreboard: The Masters 2010 Leaderboard TV Shedule and Tiger Woods’s Flop

Everybody has been following Tiger Wood’s comeback to golf after the whole car crash incident (and the relationship clash with wife and the whole infidelity).  Tiger rose up above the gossip, allegations and heating spotlight but will he rise above his other colleagues like he used to before?  Seems like he did not shine this […]

Masters Golf 2010 Leaderboard: So Far So Good for Tiger Woods

It seems that God is giving Tiger Woods a second chance in his professional golf career. After a five-month layoff in his golf career, Tiger Woods is looking great in his third position in the latest third round results of the Masters 2010 Golf Tournament leaderboard. Notwithstanding the mental aspect of things, Tiger Woods has […]

Masters Golf Tournament 2010 Updated Leaderboard: Fred Couples Leading

Masters Golf Tournament 2010 leaderboard update: Not too long ago, we saw that Tom Watson was leading the Masters Leaderboard. Watson shot an amazing first round at Augusta National Golf Club and he has become a crowd favorite. However, in the latest update of the Masters Leaderboard, it now has Fred Couples in the number […]

Tiger Woods at Augusta Masters Golf Tournament 2010

Millions of Tiger Woods’ fans are now looking forward to his performance at the Masters Golf Tournament to be held in Augusta National Golf Club. Tiger Woods will be paired in the penultimate group on Thursday for the first round of the Masters Golf Tournament 2010. Tiger Woods will be joined by fellow golfers K.J […]

Masters Payout 2010: Masters Golf Prize Money is USD 7.5 Million

We already knew that Phil Mickelson won the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament earning him the most coveted green jacket. Congratulations for that victory Phil Mickelson. Apparently, it was not the day for Tiger Woods as he only placed fourth in the masters winners list. That is probably due to his 5-month layoff in his professional […]

Masters Golf Tournament 2010 Leaderboard Updates: Tiger Woods Remains on 3rd Place

Masters Golf Tournament 2010 update: The third round of the Masters Golf Tournament 2010 was finished already and the results revealed that the world’s number 1 professional golfer Tiger Woods remained on the third spot. Tiger Woods’ performance was improving per round. We have seen him performed in round 1 of the Masters Golf Tournament […]

The Masters Golf Tournament 2010 Updated Leaderboard: Tiger Woods on 3rd

Masters Golf Tournament 2010 update: It was a surprise for all Tiger Woods’ fans and haters out there as round 2 results came out in today’s updated Masters Leaderboard – the world’s number 1 golfer climbed at the 3rd spot. Yesterday, we saw Tiger Woods performed two shots of the lead with a first-round 68. […]