Monday, February 26, 2018

Charlie Sheen Is Not Going to Jail After All

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Lindsay Lohan might want to get the services of Charlie Sheen’s lawyers for her next run-in with the law – because even after Sheen pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges he is not likely to spend even a minute in jail or do any community service for the people of Aspen, Colorado. Yes, the “Two […]

Send Lindsay Lohan a Jailhouse Snack Pack

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Are you feeling sorry for the now incarcerated Lindsay Lohan? Do you feel like sending her some goodies – some chocolates perhaps, to make her stay at the Lynwood jail more bearable? Well, you can! Because technology has advanced by leaps and bounds nowadays you just need to go online and click on Keefe Commissary […]

The Countdown Begins – Lindsay Lohan Off to Jail

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Legal kibitzers think Lindsay Lohan will be in jail for no longer than 22 days, or 25% of the 90-day sentence Judge Marsha Revel handed her.  They say the Los Angeles County jails are so overcrowded that non-violent offenders “rarely serve more than 25 percent of their original sentence”. Well, whether it is the full […]

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