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9/11 Memorial: A Personal 9/11 Quote

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9/11 Memorial: A Personal 9/11 Quote – The single image above sends different messages to all of us. It tells us of the horror and the pain felt by those who were trapped inside the World Center Tower. The fear of death and the eventual conclusion that they will surely die during that very hour. […]

Remembering Through September 11 (9/11) Quotes and 9/11 Photos

September 11, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

Remembering Through September 11 (9/11) Quotes – Nine years have passed but the memory still remains. Who can forget the more than 2,000 lives that was claimed in one single day by mindless terrorists who tried to make a point that they can harm the United States. Until now there still remains a seed of […]

A 9/11 Memorial: Summary of News Coverage on September 11, 2001 on Video

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A 9/11 Memorial: Summary of News Coverage on September 11, 2001 – Today we remember September 11, 2001 with 9/11 photos, 9/11 memorial, 9/11 quotes and many more. The scar and the emotion of what happened on September 11 remains fresh and always vivid in the minds of those who have witnessed it personally and […]

Most Searched Mother’s Day Quotes and Poems

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Nothing can be compared to a love a mother gives to her child. That’s why in this very special day, let us give thanks to our mothers by reminding them how thankful we are for the love she has given us. Make this day special but letting our mothers feel special. Send them Mother’s Day […]

Happy Veterans Day 2010 Quotes, Thank You Poems and Sayings

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Veterans Day 2010 Quotes, Sayings, and Thank You Poems for Military Veterans – Today is another holiday in the US and in other European countries as they celebrate Veterans Day 2010 to honor the military veterans who have dedicated their lives to defend their countries against possible intrusion. With such noble act, they deserved to be […]

Good Friday Bible Verses, Prayers and Quotes

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Catholics around the world celebrate Good Friday today to reflect, pray, and repent from their sins. Good Friday is the time in the bible when Jesus Christ died in the crucifixion at exactly 3pm in saving us all sinners from our sins. In today’s Good Friday celebration, a lot of Catholics are searching for Good […]

As the World Turns Last Episode Airs on CBS: Soap Opera Cancelled

November 27, 2016 by · 6 Comments 

As the World Turns Last Episode Airs on CBS: Soap Opera Cancelled – As The World Turns is perhaps the longest running soap opera on television. The show runs for 54 years until it airs it’s last episode entitled, “The World Stops Turning.” This is the second soap opera that CBS has canceled in two […]

Texas Election Results 2010: Rick Perry and Bill White on the lead

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The much anticipated Texas Election Results 2010 has been released and was published online. Bill White is leading in the Democratic Texas Election Primary Results 2010, while Rick Perry is on the lead in the Republican Texas Election Primary Results 2010. As we all know, Texas Primary Election 2010 involves Lieutenant Governor, Governor, State and […]

South Korea’s Mystery Virus Still Unresolved

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Eight people from South Korea has been identified to have been infected by a mystery virus just recently and as to the latest report, 2 among them already died. They came from different parts of the country and the first one died early this month followed by another one 15 days after. 7 of these […]

Paralyzed Man Started To Move After Implant to His Spine

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After four years of being paralyzed, Rob Summers, 25, finally gained the freedom to move after a successful implant operation of a group of doctors in Louisville, Kentucky. Summers encountered a car accident in 2006 leading to his paralysis from chest all the way down to his feet. After three years of physical theraphy, his […]

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