SB 1070 or Arizona Immigration Law Takes Effect July 29

Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070 Takes Effect July 29 – SB 1070 or more commonly known as the Arizona Immigration Law takes effect on Thursday, July 29, 2010.

Signed by Arizona governor Jan Brewer last April 23, 2010 and was primarily passed to avoid human and drug smuggling from the nearby country Mexico, this new Arizona Immigration Law prohibits illegal immigrants to stay in Arizona. Anyone caught without any legal documents will be subject to imprisonment.

Various groups and organizations have expressed their discontentment since the law was signed last April. Accordingly, it sends a clear message that Arizona is unfriendly to undocumented aliens. Those who have violations, even light ones, are prone to be questioned by the police and can be subject for investigations if they have legal documents to stay in Arizona.

In my personal opinion, the passage of this new Immigration Law in Arizona both has its pros and cons. While it is true that human and drug smuggling from the nearby country Mexico will seriously be limited if not totally eliminated, this new Arizona Immigration Law law will also hamper the growth of tourists in Arizona as they will get scared that they will be subject for police investigations. This in turn might slow down the economic growth of the state of Arizona.

On the other hand, perhaps people from Arizona will be cautious in committing violations as they could be subjects for questioning by the police. Will they be disciplined if this SB 1070 takes effect on Thursday? Or will they be united in not bringing their identification cards to show their solidarity against it? Let’s see on Thursday how it goes.

Meanwhile, I would like to know your opinion in this new Arizona Immigration Law aka SB 1070? Is it fair enough? Are you pro or against it?

13 thoughts on “SB 1070 or Arizona Immigration Law Takes Effect July 29

  1. I really like this law. So happy with Jan Brewer and her finally doing something about the violence that has infested this city. Also, illegals are such a strain on our economy, taking more than two-fold over what they put in. Nothing against them. I know some and most are very nice. It’s just a shame that the Federal government has made this law necessary.

  2. I think Governor Jan Brewer is a brave soul that needs the American public support. She is doing something that should have been done many, many years ago. We, Americans, have become lax with our laws; and we become nothing but soft, liberal cry babies; catering to every human being; murderers, druggies and illegals. Not all illegals are murderers or druggies but they do not have the right to be in this country. Mexico should help their own people instead of letting them come here and drain our economy. We need to look closely at OUR government spending, OUR economy and improving OUR lives in OUR country, America the beautiful. Thank you GOVERNOR JAN BREWER for standing up and having the guts to do something about this problem.


    We will teach her the hard way that the poeple want SB1070 and laws respected
    Tomorrow let’s start drying out all latino businesses, no more hiring them, we will say no to any latino name
    Nobody can stop Bolton? well nobody can stop my boycott.
    (I know it sucks for legal latinos, sorry for them, i cannot tell who is what)
    Officials dont want to handle illegal immigration matters, well millions of Americans will do it themselves.

  4. Karen,

    Sounds like you must be illegal or have illegal family. Point blank MOST illegals are taking american welfare. Sounds like you need to keep your papers on you!

    1. It boggles the mind how many people are so ignorant that they just parrot information which they take on pure belief or anecdotal rarities. Truly, a testament to the dire shape of Arizona public schools.

      Some people, many Arizonans, take any fact that agrees with their belief from any source as truth no matter how biased or lacking in credentials or factually false or disconnected from reality the source may be. is a news agency that is bound to promote accurate information as fact. has a writer named Clay Waters who is so backwards and either outright ignorant of how logic works or secretly racist and incredibly underestimating the intelligence of those around him as to not only reference an article he wrote for another website, (which is dedicated to in its own words, “documenting and exposing the liberal political agenda of the New York Times,”) but he also speaks without reference to any valid statistics or misuses valid statistics to paint the false view that illegal immigrants are a violent group. This tactic has been used by racists and oppressors for centuries: ostracizing a group and saying that group is responsible for societal shortcomings.

      The only reason 1070 is in effect is because of the monstrous strength of the private prison lobbies. I fear even writing this, such is their corrupt power. 1070 provides more meat for the prison industrial complex machine, nothing more and nothing less. Most people do not grasp this because they do not need to grasp it. Many would do well to heed the words of Tim Wise:

  5. when all the illegals get deported will see who wants to go work in the fields in 110 degree weather ,our economy will be shot down.get a good job or education an you wont have to worry about your welfare being used up.

    1. IN ADVANCE: Sorry to expand the scope of this from AZ to America and global issues in general, but really, immigration cannot be viewed in a vacuum. In fact no major issue in American or global politics can be truthfully addressed in a vacuum, because only in a vacuum can the lies of xenophobic right-wingers and worthless poser-liberals thrive.

      Robert, while I appreciate your effort, be aware that many Americans (and especially native Arizonans) are unable to get a good job or education due to the way our society (especially AZ’s) is structured. Those without good jobs or education are exploited by those with political power to mobilize people to vote against their own interests. Think about it: Who does your average paycheck-to-paycheck American have more in common with, a laborer from Mexico who just wants to work and provide for family, or millionaires and billionaires who pay for ads spewing racist and classist lies to divide the population and prevent people from realizing companies in America love illegal immigrant labor not because illegal labor drives down wages, but because companies already INSIST on low wages and illegal laborers are the only ones willing to take the jobs.

      Remember, if a person doesn’t have an education and a job that provides them with the time to educate themselves, they’re not going to be able to question some news anchor feeding them lies about scary illegals. Try to be as civil as possible, and save your energy for disproving the demagogues that spew lies.

      In time, we can hopefully heal our nation of the institutionalized racism and classism that destroys American families and families across the globe as a result of American policies.

  6. I don’t care what they do or don’t do for the economy or how nice or not nice the people are, they are breaking the law. And for anyone who breaks the law there are consequences. Temporary work visas, and a less lengthy immigration policy would fix this. FYI: Mexico has a more harsh policy on illegal immigration than the U.S. does.

  7. Part of my is made up of immigrants. They have all “legally” entered the country. They have been able to incorporate their heritage with the “American” customs and traditions. We have not insisted that classes at school hire teachers just for us or insisted that people around us talk to us in any language besides English. I have been threatened with being deported even as a natural born citizen. This is before SB 1070 was even mentioned in Arizona. The federal government needs to enforce existing immigration laws instead of enacting new ones that allow the illegal immigrants the same rights as the people who lawfully live in this country. The fact that the Mexican border is so close to the U.S. border is why it seems that SB 1070 is targeting a single ethnic group.

    Yes the history that surrounds the U.S. is deeply rooted with the history of immigrants and persons of many different ethnic backgrounds. It can continue to stay that way but legalities do need to be followed. If you want to be here badly enough do it the legal way.

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