Save Japan Dolphins as Featured in The Cove Movie

If you’re a fan of the most loveable sea creature – the dolphins – then definitely you would have watched the recent Oscars Best Documentary Film 2010 Winner, “The Cove” movie.

“The Cove” is a movie which features the “Save Japan Dolphins” movement to protect dolphins against these people in Japan who would like to kill them for their meats.

According to,  most people in Japan don’t have any idea that the dolphin slaughter is even happening there. The primary aim of this Save Japan Dolphins movement is to inform the rest of the world that this happens and that we should take action against it before dolphins become totally extinct.

Personally, I don’t understand the fact that people do these to our friendly dolphins for their meat because according to research, dolphin meats contain high levels of mercury that are 5 times the allowable mercury in our body and too much of this mercury can lead to mercury posioning.

To show your support for this Save Japan Dolphins movement, you can do either one of the following activities:

– Donate to the campaign and as a token, you will receive “The Cove” in DVD

– Affix your signatures to both the petition site and the Facebook fan page of the Save Japan Dolphins campaign to spread the word in order to reach US authorities including President Obama.

You can also watch this Save Japan Dolphins public service youtube video which talks about the friend of humans – the Dolphins.


10 thoughts on “Save Japan Dolphins as Featured in The Cove Movie

  1. So are cows, pigs, and chickens but we kill and eat them everyday with total disregard of what amazing creatures they are.

  2. Loved The Cove. Awesome yet sad movie. The thing is when they asked the Japanese people if they ate dolphins everyone said no and looked puzzled. So it seems the fisherman were making up the cultural eating thing. These dolphins were slaughtered. And the mercury levels were scary. The movie opened my eyes. I will not see a dolphin show again knowing it may be tied to such a horrible trade.

  3. Racheal obviously has not seen the movie nor knows nothing about the SENSELESS slaughter so her comments are not helping anyone. The creator of “Flipper” has since regretted ever bringing this loveable creature to us and has fought ever since against this slaughter. Some humans just like to kill without thinking about anyone, anything other than themselves.

  4. I am so happy for Ric O’Barry. This is a big achievement for the animal welfare/rights movement. Unfortunately it is a pity that the divers Kirk and Mandy are seasonal workers for the Vancouver Aquarium, which damage the whole purpose of this film. Shame on them!

  5. It’s horrible and a crime. No, dolphins are not cows or pigs( regardless I’m a vegetarian) they are more like dogs and cats and I’m sure you don’t eat your dog.

  6. Rachael can we replenish dolphins?? Unfortunately it’s the way it is with meat lovers but at least farms replenish what is eaten. Those hearless poachers love to take and not give back for “pest control”. Are the slaughter houses killing animals that are contaminated with a chemical that slowly destroys your nervous system and not telling us?

  7. This movie open my eyes. This kind of practice of catching dolphin and whale should be banned. If anyone killed and eat dolphin, they are the same as murderers. It is like killing human being cause dolphin are mammals, not fish.

  8. In defense of Rachael, I believe she is saying all sorts of animals are important to her. We should respect her love of every animal. The slaughter of Dolphins make me sick. It is awesome to see that a group of people can make such a big difference and encourages me to speak up.

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