Saudi Arabia Blocks Amnesty International’s website

After its criticism of a draft anti-terror law, the website of Amnesty International has been blocked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The blockage is independently confirmed by activists and journalists stationed in Saudi Arabia, saying they are unable to access the domain.

This is what users see when accessing the website from inside the country.

Saudi Arabia Blocks Amnesty International’s website

The organization obtained a copy of the draft from a leak. Based on the draft law, detainees can be held for extended periods of time without being charged or going to trial. It contains no wording prohibiting the use of torture or other maltreatment and it casts harsh punishments even for peaceful demonstrations.

In the analysis published in its website, Amnesty International mentions that the proposed law stifles dissent, treats peaceful protests as “terrorist crimes” and grants broad powers to the Minister of Interior without any oversight, accountability, or judicial authorization.

Speaking for the organization, Malcolm Smart, Director for Amnesty International Middle East andNorth Africa said, “Instead of attacking those raising concerns and attempting to block debate, the Saudi Arabian government should amend the draft law to ensure that it does not muzzle dissent and deny basic rights.”

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