Satellite Map Pictures Show Extent of BP Gulf Oil Spill

Satellite Map of BP Gulf Oil Spill

The British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is getting larger and larger as time passes by. The photo on the left clearly shows the extent of the Oil Spill in the Gulf which started from an oil rig explosion in the Deepwater Horizon last April 20, 2010. As of last week, a third leak from the oil rig was yet again reported which made US President Barack Obama to call out for every possible action to stop the oil rig from continuous leakage.

As seen in the picture, the oil spill is spreading closer to the Louisana coastline and poses a great threat to the local marine life.  Environmental regulators reported a sighting of an oil slick near the Chandeleur Islands, three islands off the southeast coast of Louisiana last Tuesday.

However, Petty Officer David Mosley of the U.S. Coast Guard, who spoke from the Unified Command Center in Roberts, Louisiana said “We have not received any confirmed landfall of oil”¬† Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are also threatened by the leak.

Several experts had said that the current situation of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may soon threaten to eclipse the degree of the catastrophic BP oil spill which happened in 1989 from Exxon Valdez in Alaska. That particular oil spill is so far considered as the worst US oil spill in history which resulted to millions of environmental damages particularly in the livelihood of fishermen and in the wildlife.

One thought on “Satellite Map Pictures Show Extent of BP Gulf Oil Spill

  1. Everyone is pointing fingers and accusing Bp, the president, Congress, the states, etc. As long as there no problems, though, no one questioned the wisdom or risk of drilling underwater, at depths where we cannot even pretend to know or control what we are doing. What kind of federal response do you expect, after all the years of downsizing and cutting back on undersea research and exploration? The federal government does not have the equipment or expertise, and it is likely no one can do anything until new technology ids developed to address the problem. Do the critics of the president expect him to send soldiers to enforce a repeal of the laws of physics, or build a dam big enough to place the oil well on dry land? At least this catastrophe may lead us to realize we HAVE to develop alternative energy sources, because we are poisoning the earth in our mindless quest for more, more, MORE!
    Stephanie Mcnealy

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