Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Marriage Trouble: Michelle Mcgee’s Claims

Just recently, we all celebrated Sandra Bullocks success in the Oscars for her spectacular acting skills in the movie The Blindside . She gained popularity in her humorous yet substantial acceptance speech. The bubbly actress is now facing another issue but this time it is more on the negative side.

There are beliefs to some folklores that once you experience an enormous happiness, coming after it is only an enormous sadness. In the case of Sandra, there is this tattoo model who has been claiming that she hooked up with her husband Jesse James while she doing The Blindside. She is Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee. She told In Touch they had an 1 weeks serious affair with Jesse James. She added that Jesse James asked for her personal email and invited her to their house in San Diego just to hang out with him. When she asked about Sandra, James told her that Sandra doesn’t live there and he can’t talk about it. So she assumed that the couple’s relationship is on the rocks and proceeded to have sex with him “two or three times” that night and then about twice a week for five weeks. These has been the side of Michelle McGee.

The couple was last seen in the Oscars which is obviously so sweet with each other and there seemed to be no problem going on. Are all these things only rumors? Sandra’s side of the the issue as well as of Jesse James is very much anticipated. Please stay tune for updates.

12 thoughts on “Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Marriage Trouble: Michelle Mcgee’s Claims

  1. McGee sounds Irish on this St. Patty’s day. I was married to a Duffy. She turned out to be a whore. McGee is probably an Irish whore as well. Case closed.

  2. Dear Author,

    If you are going to try to deliver news, you should be more careful to check your “facts,” especially when dealing with sensitive details of someone’s personal life. Your second paragraphs reads like you didn’t take an extra moment to look over the sentence structure — in addition to getting the story wrong.

    According to all other sites on the web, Michelle McGee claimed to have had an 11-month affair with Jesse James, not a “1 weeks serious affair,” as you state. Also, McGee is from San Diego – not Jesse and Sandra. At the end of the story, you urge use to “stay tune” for updates instead of “tuned.”

    A little proofreading will go a long way. If you take the trouble to put up a website, take the time to make it worth reading.

  3. It is quite obvious from your story above that your native language is not English. Please return to school to learn how to write in proper English.

  4. I’m not surprised..

    His prior marriage was to a porn star with whom he has a child to. As far as I know that marriage had an ugly ending and I could never understand why a huge star would want to be in a relationship with the possibility of any type of scandal.

  5. All of you fucktards need to back off this writer. Even if English wasn’t her first language, at least she is attempting to write an interesting news article. Have any of you commenters “English first language speakers” try to write in a different language? I didn’t think so (well maybe except the comment about the Irish whore thing, he’s probably Irish). Anyway, all of you need to backthefuckoff and stop being such Irishfuckwhorebitches who criticize other people’s works. aight? Happy Saint Patties Day (how you like dem apples, nice and grammatically spelled airrors for ya biznatch!

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