San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints Scores and Highlights

San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints Scores and Highlights- In what could be a candidate for the game of Week 2, the San Francisco 49ers nearly defeated the New Orleans Saints but the last minute field goal from G. Hartley from 37 yd scores the victory for the Saints, 25-22.

This is the second NFL 2010-2011 season victory for the New Orleans Saints. The Super Bowl 2010 Champions defeated Minnesota Vikings during their season opener last week, 14-9.

San Francisco 49ers will be looking for ways to avoid another lost next week. The 49ers also lost in their season opener against the Seattle Seahawks, 6-31.

It had been a very exciting game which we thought would go into over time. With just two minutes to go the 49ers scored a game tying touchdown, 22-22. The touch down was made by F. Gore;s 7 yd. run Drive: 8 plays, 82 yards in 0:53.

However, the Saints would manage to get a field goal from G.Hartley from 37 yd and this made the difference in the game.

The Saints is still undefeated and their defense of their Super Bowl Championship is looking good.

There is one bad news for the Saints however, Reggie Bush was injured scrambling for his fumbled punt return in the fourth quarter and could miss the next six weeks with a leg injury. There has been further information provided by They say Bush has a broken bone in the leg.

Here are the highlights of the Saints vs 49ers game.


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