Samantha Geimer – Then and Now

Last year, in support of Polanski’s fight for freedom Samantha Geimer, Polanski’s victim formally requested that all charges against him be dropped.

“I have survived, indeed prevailed, against whatever harm Mr. Polanski may have caused me as a child,” Geimer said. “I got over it a long time ago.”

 The French-born Polanski, an actor, director and screenwriter for Rosemary’s Baby, The Pianist, and Chinatown fled the United States in 1978 just before he was supposed to be sentenced for raping then 13-year-old Samantha Geimer at Jack Nicholson’s home.

Geimer was an aspiring model hoping to do a photo shoot when she was attacked. According to the details of the case, Polanski used alcohol and Quaaludes (a popular recreational drug in the late 1960s and early 1970s) to keep her under control.

Polanski was arrested in 2006 in Zurich. He was in the country to pick up a “lifetime achievement award” and has been under house arrest at his Swiss chalet since December 2009. Rejecting a U.S. request for extradition, officials in Switzerland came out with the decision to set Roman Polanski free.

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