Ryan Seacrest VS Simon Cowell in American Idol

It all started with Simon Cowell’s opinion about Micheal Lynch’s rendition of ‘Miss You’ on the American Idol’s episode last night. Cowell wasn’t satisfied with it and called Lynch’s dance moves to be “corny” and “a tiny bit desperate”. These reactions are not new to Simon but it heated up when the show’s host Ryan Seacrest confronted him on what was so desperate on Lynch’s performance right after he said it while still on air. Simon obviously didn’t like it and said “Do you want me to talk to you or talk to Mike?”.

“Wooah,” says Randy Jackson. “Game On!, ” said judge Kara DioGuardi. Ryan Seacrest then walked over to Simon Cowell and got about an inch away from his face. “I’m actually trying to help,” Ryan started in with Simon before muttering a not so understandable end to the sentence. “This is getting very uncomfortable, back on the stage,” Simon replied and scooted back in his chair, distancing himself from Ryan Seacrest. “I’m trying to give some constructive criticism, thank you, ” Ryan finished as he finally head back on stage. Then the show went on a commercial break.

In the video, you can’t really tell if the two are in serious fight or just making a scene in the show.

One thought on “Ryan Seacrest VS Simon Cowell in American Idol

  1. Do you really think its a fight or just for ratings. I just think that since they are both big time producers they wouldn’t want to have bad blood since they will inevitably be working on projects together in the future if not already doing so. Makes me wonder who would be a better match for Seacrest when they replace Simon. I personally think it would be funny if it were Kanye West but I hear it might be Jamie Fox who would definitely get along with Seacrest. Please share your opinions on my public opinion poll about who you think should replace Simon Cowell at http://www.baduku.com/topics/american-idol-possible-replacements-for-simon_710, thanks.

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