Ryan Reynolds As Green Lantern

Playing a superhero character is nothing new for Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. In 2009 he played a wise-cracking hitman named Deadpool in the Hugh Jackman starrer “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Reynolds played hero-turned-villain in this film based on the Marvel Comics series. The X-men team is composed of mutant superheroes including Wolverine as played by Jackman.

This time around Ryan Reynolds plays the lead role of a DC Comics superhero named Green Lantern. The film is scheduled for release in 2011. In this movie, Reynolds portrays the role of Hal Jordan, a test pilot who is given a green ring that gives him extraordinary powers. He also becomes part of a team protecting the universe called the Green Lanterns.

The role seems like a good fit for Reynolds as Hal Jordan is a cocky pilot that earns a spot in the Green Lanterns Corps. Blend in Reynolds’ comedic timing and this is surely a film worth looking forward to next year.

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