Russian President Kicks Out Moscow’s Mayor

Russian President Kicks Out Moscow’s Mayor – On Tuesday, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has fired the mayor of Moscow for he has lost confidence in his ability to run the city, the Kremlin said.

Yuri Luzhkov,the former mayor of Moscow, has run the sprawling metropolis for almost two decades. In spite of this, his removal was effective immediately and his first deputy, Vladimir Resin, has been appointed as acting mayor of the city.

In recent weeks, Luzhkov has been the subject of an unprecedented attack in Russia’s state media. The most serious allegation is of corruption. One of the news reports detailed the ways in which Luzhkov allegedly channeled funds and lucrative deals to his property-developer wife, who is now the Russia’s richest woman.

Not only that, he was also criticized for failing to curb Moscow’s notoriously bad traffic jams. Furthermore, he went on a vacation during the forest fires and choking smog over the summer.

However, Luzhkov defended himself by saying “This attack has clearly been launched at the command from above, in all state media outlets at once. It’s a system collective and coordinated efforts. It is an absolutely dishonest campaign of lies and slander.”

On the other hand, the Kremlin denied involvement.

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