Rory Mcilroy Sweeps Quail Hollow PGA Tour Golf Tournament 2010

Not long after the Masters 2010 Golf Tournament ago, another PGA Tour Golf Event was just finished called the Quail Hollow Championship. A lot of people especially Tiger Woods fans were disappointed since the world’s number 1 professional golfer did not make it into the cut.

While Phil Mickelson swept the recently held Masters Golf Tournament 2010, Rory McIlroy topped winning the Quail Hollow PGA Tour Championship brining home a total cash prize of $1,152,000.

In fact, Phil Mickelson extended his congratulations to Rory McIlroy and said: “I’ve got to congratulate Rory. He played some incredible golf. He’s an amazing talent. You knew he was going to come out and win out here. He is some kind of player.”

Rory McIlroy success in PGA Tour Golf Tournament made him the youngest PGA Tour winner since Tiger Woods at a young age of 21. He was able to hit a 4-iron from 206 yards into the breeze and right over the water to 6 feet for an eagle.

McIlroy delivered an astounding display of his golf skills that left two-time PGA Tour major champion Angel Cabrera in his wake and put Phil Mickelson too far behind to catch up.

Congratulations Rory McIlroy! I’m very sure your professional golf career has a lot more way to go. Keep it up!

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