Ron Washington: Texas Rangers Manager Positive for Cocaine

Ron Washington has managed the baseball team Texas Rangers since 2007 up to present. Major league managers, coaches and other clubhouse personnel have been subject to drug testing since 2008, when MLB adopted the measure as one of George Mitchell’s recommendations as part of his report regarding steroid and drug use in baseball. Washington’s result was positive but before the result came out he called the commissioner’s office and his Rangers bosses about his cocaine use and the team decided not to fire him after the test did come back positive.

The team decided to support him and he had undergone substance-abuse program even before the results came out. Washington is well-liked throughout the Rangers organization, has expressed remorse and has never had any other off-field issues. He belonged to the first time offenders so basically he won’t receive any punitive measures such as a suspension, pending the commissioner’s discretion, and their names are not made public.

“I don’t want this to be held over my head for the rest of my life and have this be the one thing that’s associated with my name,” he said. “I made a terrible mistake and all I can do is pray that I am forgiven for it and don’t have to carry it for the rest of my life.”

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