Rome Airport Closed Rumors after Iceland Volcano Eruption But Really Open

Apart from the suspension of flights overseas all over Europe, some airports have also closed their doors for the maintime while most areas affected by the massive ashfall from the recently-erupted Iceland Volcano. Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino or Airporti Roma as most Italian locals called the said airport, is one of the numerous airports that have decided to suspend their airport activities while the world is waiting for the natural disaster to finish. Last year, it was ranked as 27th among many airports to be the busiest asiport by passenger of traffic.

More or less people can assume that the Rome Airport is closed because even if it is open, it is not operating any scheduled flights for the meantime in parallel to the other more than twenty airports in Europe that have temporarily suspended operations after the Iceland Volcano Eyjafjallajokull Eruption that has been on an ashfall streak that threatens most air passengers because of the ash’s propensity to make airlines stall in flight.

Update: Rome airport is open and operating, while airports like Barcelona are closed.

3 thoughts on “Rome Airport Closed Rumors after Iceland Volcano Eruption But Really Open

  1. Rome airport in not closed. And it was never closed. Who’s the stupid that wrote this article?
    Rome’s Da Vinci airport is the only european hub, along with Madrid and Athens, to be operating.
    Actually many majors airlines from Asia, Middle East and America are diverting their passengers to Rome in order to reach their final destination.

  2. American airlines cancelled today’s flight from JFK (NYC) to Rome while Delta’s flight went on schedule.Any thoughts why???

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