Rolls Royce Ghost: Another Luxury Car To Be Envied

Rolls Royce, the British Brand of luxury cars, has made another history in developing world class luxury cars. In its latest innovation, Rolls Royce has just announced the released of Rolls Royce Ghost, another luxury car to be envied upon by luxury car fanatics.

Rolls Royce Ghost comes with a 6.6-litre V12 engine, which produces 563bhp – that’s enough to propel the luxury car from 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds and has a governed top-speed of 155 mph. It has a completely unique interior, trimmed in customisable leather, wood and metal.

Drivers who already had a test drive of this Rolls Royce Ghost claimed that it is a fantastically engineered car. Despite its quite long size and heavy weight, they were surprised at how agile is it on the road. According to them, this agility comes from an air suspension system with variable damping that ensures stability on all surfaces and in all situations.

The Ghost has been designed and engineered to be more driver-focused than any previous Rolls-Royce car models. With its technology coming from the BMW’s 7 Series, Rolls Royce Ghost has been tried and tested with its quality and reputation.

Priced at around £195,840, definitely the Rolls Royce Ghost is not for everyone. For more information about the Rolls Royce Ghost including technical specifications, you can visit the Rolls Royce website here

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