Robin Wright and Sean Penn Finalize Divorce

Theirs was an “on again, off again, on again” marriage, having asked the courts to end the relationship three prior times only to back out while thinking maybe the marriage could still be saved. Well, this time they finally went ahead and got that divorce decree.  

Sean Penn and Robin Wright have been having a tumultuous marriage for 14 years, but they never really gave up on each other – until now. Last July 22, their marriage was officially ended by a divorce decree from Marin County… ending hopes for another “on again” episode.

Only a few details were made available about the settlement because neither Robin nor Sean has released a statement. There were no details of the financial settlement filed with the court either.

One thing the court papers do show is that both Wright and Penn have agreed to share custody of their 2 children, 16 year old son Hopper and 19 year old daughter Dylan.

Unlike other Hollywood couples who are tearing each other apart with mud-slinging and blame throwing, Robin and Sean continues to have mutual respect for each other saying the only reason they got divorced is because they have moved in different directions of their life.

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