Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku Dancing With The Stars Romance

Dancing with the Stars is always a great buzz for everyone in the Hollywood industry and to all audience and fans all over the world.  We see some great stars who have been on long hiatus that appear again on Dancing with the Stars and this is quite a great interesting show.

People have been talking about the age of Florence Henderson and David Hasselhoff who are now two of the oldest contestants for dancing with the stars.  Who cares, they still do a great deal of a job in the dance floor.

Not only this, flaming romances have been surfacing as we see Eliza Dushku (famous for her role on Bring it On with Kirsten Dunst).  She is currently dating Rick Fox, a contestant for Dancing with the Stars and also a former NBA player.  Eliza seems to prefer athletes.  Anyway, the picture above is Elizha Dushku spotted on the audience for Dancing with the Stars showing support for Rick Fox.

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