Results of the 2010 F1 Bahrain Grand Prix Favors Fernando Alonso

Oh yes ladies and gents, F1 Bahrain 2010 Grand Prix has just finished and we will give you the highlights of the race these last 3 days! On the practice day, many new teams got to have the feel of the track but this did not do much on them as most of them got eliminated on Q3 on Saturday’s qualifying. Sebastian Vettel got the pole position and ready to race on Sunday.

Comes Sunday and the final results are out. Fans all over the world watched the eventful race! Sebastian Vettel was nowhere in the podium. Fernando Alonso headed the podium followed by his team mate Felipe Massa then Lewis Hamilton in third place. Seems like things are getting pretty well with the Ferraris and they had a very good start!

To have a more updated post about the event and the final results placement, click here.

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