Remembering LFO and Rich Cronin

Remembering LFO and Cronin – The lead singer of LFO, Rich Cronin passed away September 8 after suffering for five years from Leukemia. He is 35 years old.

Rich Cronin had been the lead singer of the band LFO. LFO or Lyte Funky Ones is an American three-man pop/rap group consisting of Rich Cronin, Devin Lima, and Brad Fischetti. LFO is best known for their hist songs “Summer Girl” and “Girl on TV”


The busiest year for LFO was 2000, when they went on nonstop tours, performing at over 230 concerts that year. At that same year their second single “Girl on TV” entered the UK chart at #6 and later in the year LFO won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Group of the Year.


Seems however, that 2000 would be the last active year of LFO for the band went on indefinite hiatus. In June 3, 2009 LFO announce that they have reunited and will go on tour beginning July 9, 2009, with Rookie of the Year, Go Crash Audio, and Kiernan McMullan. A new song entitled, “Summer of My Life” was also announced.

The final curtain on LFO however was made on September 28 when the band announced through their Youtube page that they had broken up.

Rich Cronin had been one of the major influences in LFO and in fact he also founded Bad Mood Mike in 2003 however it failed. Never refusing to give up, he became involved in a group called Loose Cannons with Toothpick (Doug Ray) and was also part of the TV show Mission: Man Band, which aired on VH1.

Farewell Rich Cronin and condolence to family and friends!

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