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Release Date of Microsoft’s Latest Kin Phone

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Among other large phone companies, it is really expected that from time to time, they would have their own version of what’s latest. Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Nexus and Research In Motion’s Blackberry are just among those popular phone today. Equipped with its own unique features, ‘techies’ or technology addict individuals are trying to have one of them or having all them.

Here comes another giant in the world of technology, Microsoft. The had unveiled their latest phone. It is called the Kin Phone. According to the software company, the phone has made suitable for people who like to stay in touch with friends and share content. With all the social networking sites that we have right now, it is really a great need that our phone in which we are bringing along wherever we go can provide us access to those social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

“This is a phone that knits together a tight community of kindred spirits…, the phone personifies true kinship between people, technology, friends and customers,” said Robbie Bach, president of the entertainment and devices division at Microsoft.

The phone comes with a high resolution camera and the first to access Microsoft’s Zune music service. It has a multi-touch screen and a slide-out keyboard. The home screen of the device is always on and shows the latest events, such as text messages, tweets, or shared images, happening among someone’s group of friends.

“Social is the DNA of this phone,” said Microsoft’s Derek Snyder, one of the product marketing managers who worked on its development. “Social is the fabric of this experience.”

With Kin, the company will have a control over hardware and software. Kin handsets will go on sale in the US in May. In Europe, the Kin models will be available on the Vodafone network and will be launched in Autumn 2010. No prices has been revealed yet.

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One Response to “Release Date of Microsoft’s Latest Kin Phone”
  1. can’t wait to have my hands on this gadget.

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