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Recover PS3 Trophies: Solved after the 8001050F bug

November 10, 2016 by · 8 Comments 

We can’t deny the fact that recovering hard earned PS3 trophies is a serious problem for our loyal PS3 player, specially to those who worked hard for it. After the reign of 8001050F error code, all trophies from your account was wiped out without prior notice.

This is really a serious problem and Sony hasn’t announced yet how to recover it. Anyway, the 8001050F error has already been resolved after the leap year bug. But that doesn’t mean to there’s no problem left with the PS3 system.

As of now, we are still waiting for the official announcement from Sony of how to recover our beloved trophies.

We really do hope that this issue will have a resolution as soon as possible. Let’s see how this goes after a few more hours. Or else, those who lost their trophies bang their heads on the wall.

Sony, please do something to recover our beloved trophies right now!

UPDATE: The service has been restored but if someone out there hasn’t recovered their trophies yet, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below

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8 Responses to “Recover PS3 Trophies: Solved after the 8001050F bug”
  1. Darrin says:

    My system seems restored. But now I have no sound in my games. My dvd sound works and so does the system sound, but no sound at all when i go to play any of my games. Anyone got any ideas????? help!!

  2. M6000 says:

    My trophies disappeared to and were still gone after the whole error thing was over but when I went to play Resident Evil 5 they came back

  3. alejandro says:

    i lost all my assassins creed 2 trophies, all my other games have the trophies saved but this game was the one inside the ps3 when the glitch occured and i had like 60% of trophies of the game but now it says 0% and ive tried playing the game restarting the ps3 and re-sync but still nothing and it feels pretty awful to loose all those trophies because it makes you feel that you never really played the game at all grrr

  4. bob dugger says:

    i cant play online cod mod 2 someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wayne says:

    I have lost my heavy rain and cod mwf2 trophies i not amused sony better get it sorted soon.

  6. Darrin says:

    Nobody has a clue why I don’t have sound on my games? I have sound with dvd’s, just not games….I really need help here guys…

  7. Mikael says:

    I have lost some of my Assasin’s Creed 2 trophies, among them are the story related ones so to get them I have to replay the game all over again. Isn’t there some solution to get them back?

  8. Hardcore gamer says:

    Ok guys I know how you can get your trophies back just play the games again ok that’s what us true gamers do. And if your so dasprit for your trophies just play the games again it’s not hard to do. My PSN name is trigreek

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