Reception Problems on the iPhone 4? Get a Piece of Duct Tape

Due to a problem in the iPhone 4’s call reception, Consumer Reports, a non-profit consumer group, has refused to recommend the iPhone 4. Instead, it has come up with a “gem of a solution” for those who still want to purchase the phone despite the inherent flaw – Duct Tape.

Yes, the most talked-about phone in the U.S. – Apple’s iPhone 4 – has a design flaw that is best fixed with a piece, a sliver to be exact, of duct tape according to Consumer Reports testing.

Consumer Reports found out that people, lefties especially, who hold the iPhone 4 in a way that covers up the antenna connector on the phone’s lower left side will experience poorer reception and possibly even dropped calls. This has prompted clamors for the phone’s recall.

When asked to comment, Apple said the formula to calculate signal strength was flawed, so the number of reception-indicating bars on the iPhone 4 does not correspond to the actual reception strength when in a call.

According to Apple, a simple software update will fix the problem.

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