Recent Earthquakes in Southern California: San Diego Earthquake, Mexicali Earthquake, Baja California

Breaking earthquake news of today is that there was a 6.9 earthquake April 4, 2010 today.  Recent earthquakes in Southern California are in San Diego earthquake of 6.9, also Mexicali earthquake, Baja California, Arizona, Caltech, and other areas in Southern California.

It’s a pretty big on the earthquake scale according to US Geological Survey Earthquake but fortunately there were no casualties or damage so far.

People feared that there have been many earthquakes so far from Haiti, Chile, Turkey and other parts of the world.

7 thoughts on “Recent Earthquakes in Southern California: San Diego Earthquake, Mexicali Earthquake, Baja California

  1. Por favor al momento de un trremoto,ponte al lado de un mueble ,sobre el piso,por ejemplo al lado de tu cama,pegado a tu cama pero en el piso para que al momento de que caiga el techo o algo quedes dentro de un triangulo sin dañarte.Que Dios nos envuelva en el Mar de su Divino Querer-

  2. I feel that this earthquake is just a warning for the big earthquake thats supposed to happen and put most of California under water. I think the people should at least prepare for the worst while they still can.

  3. The earthquake was by far the most powerful I have ever felt in the 10 years I have lived in San Diego. I never feel the small ones. I do not believe that this earthquake is leading us to the big one, but instead has released pressure to prevent a larger one from happening. Imagine if the pressure was not occasionally released until it gains so much strength that it blew higher into the 8.0 or more range. Its not good to hold all that pressure in.

    Being prepared for any natural disaster is important, no matter where a person resides because mother nature strikes everyone, not just certain areas. So, prepare for the big one, but keep focused and do not get so scared you can no longer conduct your daily affairs.

  4. I am not a prophet or can I tell the future and be right on..But hello people ..get ready ..JESUS is coming soon !! The bible predicts all this last day events and talks about many earthquakes in the last days..if your not right with God and you havent been born again and asked God to forgive you and to be lord of your life ..please think about doing it..I believe He is returning soon long enough to take his own out of here and If you know what the bible says about those who are left behind you dont want to be here..God bless you who read this and dont get mad but get on your knees and pray for your soul and for your family too.

  5. franafly – 6:12 PM 0 Votes Report User People get ready..I believe Jesus is going to return and take away all those who love Him and are waiting for His return..the bible predicts all this earthquake activity , and talks about how in the last days there would be earthquakes in divers places and that they would haters that dont like to hear about how powerful God is and how real He is..think about it before you get too your bible..revelations will give you a hint of what is to come..God bless..franafly…Utah

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